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I’m so glad I got to participate in Love Your Body Week this year.

I walked into the union to change and on my way out I was feeling a little weird about wearing shorts at school/in public. I’ve never been into wearing shorts outside of my apartment and honestly that part scared me more than taking my shirt off. By the time I got over to the Free Speech Zone, my heart was beating pretty fast but it calmed down after a few minutes when I thought about why I was out there in the first place.

Like everyone else, I have my self-conscious moments but I’m glad that events like this exist because they make you really think about how great it feels to accept yourself no matter what state you’re in. It’s a shame that people get themselves into these traps of, “I’ll feel better about myself when I lose 10 more pounds.” You have to feel good about yourself now, whether you’re 125 or 625. Loving yourself should be pure and unconditional. It’s OK to want to lose weight or to not, but no matter what is going on you have to be secure in yourself.

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